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Wild West Yorkies


Wild West Yorkies


Congratulations on your decision to purchase a Wild West Yorkie! These puppies are a small breed and therefore the Purchaser understands that extra attention and care may be required in order for them to thrive and avoid conditions such as hypoglycemia or dehydration.   Wild West Yorkies, hereinafter referred to as Seller, (Darrel & Carrie Hordern) has agreed to sell a puppy(s) to the original purchaser (You) indicated in this Agreement. 

Puppy Name_________________________

Breed______Yorkshire Terrier

Whelped___________________________ Sex:________


Breeding Rights? Yes     No

Sire___________________________________ Dam__________________________________

All deposits are non-refundable and will hold the yorkie puppy until it is of shipping/delivery age, usually 8-10 weeks.  Final balance payable prior to shipping via credit card, bank wire, postal money order or cashier’s check only.  All other sales, are required to pay final payment IN CASH, NO “card” payments of any type will be accepted as final payment, unless your puppy was shipped.

Yorkie puppy comes with a limited health guarantee; to qualify for the health guarantee you must be the original buyer of yorkie puppy and within 48 hours of shipping have the yorkie puppy examined and checked by a licensed veterinarian at buyer's expense.  If the yorkie puppy is found to be in unacceptable health during this 48-
hour period, it may be returned to us for replacement of sellers choice when one is available. (this could take up to TWO years) If the yorkie puppy
was shipped, seven days will be allowed and the buyer will pay cost of shipping back.  If a problem does exist and you decide not to return the yorkie puppy, you will be responsible for all vet bills incurred.  A written assessment from the examining veterinarian stating in what respect the yorkie puppy is unhealthy must accompany the yorkie puppy.  The yorkie puppy must be alive, uninjured and have the original papers when returned for
replacement.   The health guarantee only covers the yorkie puppy, we do not cover nor are we responsible for associated costs such as, but not limited to, veterinarian fees, animal clinic costs, medications, shipping, personal damages, and emotional grief.  We do not guarantee color, the adult size, conformation, reproductive ability, testicles descending, potty training ability or the temperament of the yorkie puppy.  The guarantee does
not cover common conditions such as, but not limited to improper bite, thin coat, hernias of any kind, trachea problems,
low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), internal and external parasites, luxating patella, minor physical flaws, loose stools, coccidia, GHIRDIA (typically dormant single celled parasites common in puppies)  or any condition that can be corrected by Veterinarian treatment.  This puppy is guaranteed until it is one-year-old for life-threatening hereditary conditions.  If a condition does occur, a replacement of the seller's choice will be given when one is available.  If the pup is kept, all vet bills will be the
responsibility of the buyer. If this hereditary condition causes the Yorkshire terrier puppy's demise, an autopsy must be performed to verify this without doubt.    Although the yorkie puppy is vaccinated against Parvo,
Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza and Bordetella, no guarantee is given against these diseases due to their unpredictable nature.    No guarantee is given on this yorkie puppy if any shots, worming medications or medications of any kind are administered to him within the 48-hour period.

All agreements and contracts are performable in Wise County Texas and shall be construed according to the
laws of the State of Texas.

This written agreement is the entire agreement between the owner and the seller of the Yorkshire terrier puppy concerning the health conditions or loss of the yorkie puppy purchased today (the date the yorkie puppy is paid for).  

I, the buyer, have read these Limited Warranties, including the general terms and conditions, all of which I understand and accept.

______Buyer agrees not to breed this dog. This puppy will be registered with limited registration once breeder is provided with spaying/neutering proof from a licensed Veterinarian, and is required by 1 year of age. If prior to the dog’s first birthday, the Buyer feels that this puppy is indeed show or breeding quality and wishes to show or breed this puppy, and the Breeder agrees, the limited registration can be lifted by the breeder for an additional fee to be determined at a later date by the breeder. Limited registration in no way prevents this puppy from participating in any AKC event except for the conformation ring.

     If Purchaser can no longer care for the puppy, Purchaser agrees to not place the puppy in a pound, Humane Society or any facility that practices euthanasia or experimentation on animals.   The dog is to be returned to the breeder.

ALL (which includes any amount of money you have pre-paid or paid down on a puppy) deposits are nonrefundable. Payment options are available through Wire Transfer, Certified Check, Money Order, Cash. 

This Agreement / Warranty is valid only until the puppy turns 1 year of age.

This represents the entire agreement between the Seller and the Purchaser. The buyer’s signature below indicates that he/she understands all the conditions of this contract.

By signing below, both parties, Breeder and Buyer, agree to abide by the contents of this contract.
















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